Code of Ethics


We recognize children's music as a powerful means of encouraging cooperation, celebrating diversity, building self-esteem, promoting respect and responsibility for our environment, and cultivating an understanding of nonviolence and social justice. In 2015, our board officially adopted this Code of Ethics that reflects these principles and provides a proactive guide for our actions throughout the entire organization.

Code of Ethics

We believe in:

Respect: We seek to create an environment where all individuals have the opportunity to contribute in whatever way is meaningful to them at workshops, discussions, and music sharing opportunities. Our leadership and members work to be transparent and honest with the goal of ensuring that we treat all members of our community with care and consideration.

Equality: Every voice should have equal opportunity to be heard and listened to, regardless of position, status, or ability because every person has the inherent ability to be a music maker and all individuals deserve the benefit of music in their lives. All musical styles and levels are welcomed and encouraged to participate in round robin song sharing spaces.

Sharing: We encourage open sharing of resources and knowledge. As a traditional oral organization and a community of musicians we are open to sharing ideas, songs, and music-related activities with each other in order to make everyone's work better, easier, and more successful.

Diversity: We strive to create an inclusive environment where all individuals feel welcomed and are encouraged to participate in CMN activities regardless of age, race, religion, sexual orientation or gender identification, socioeconomic status, or musical ability. We welcome artistic professionals, amateurs, experts and beginners, and bring them together to share resources, ask and answer questions, and offer and receive support. Sharing opportunities to access musical resources from a multitude of cultural backgrounds is encouraged.

Empowerment: We recognize the importance of ensuring that we foster and value the needs of the next generation. By sharing our resources we are able to connect children with the opportunity to make a difference in their own lives and in the world.

Social Justice: We believe in universal rights for all beings, people, and the environment. We maintain the highest level of respect and show consideration for the world we live in, not only for ourselves, but for the children we seek to inspire. We recognize that as individuals committed to improving the lives of children through music, we have a responsibility to do our part to ensure that the word is a better place for generations to come.

Updated July, 2020

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