Member Fundraisers

Our members are constantly coming up with new ways to raise money for CMN! We hope you might be inspired to discover your own unique way/s of giving back to this organization and share it with us. Here are some examples. Send your ideas our way! Better yet… send money!

Bats, Cats and ??? - Anna Stange helped a neighbor get a bat out of his attic. When he asked what she would charge, she told him to send whatever he thought it was worth to CMN.  He did it!

Happy Birthday! - Carole Stephenson asked all of her pals to give a donation to CMN instead of buying her a birthday present.

Ho Ho Ho! - Instead of buying Christmas presents, gift loved ones with a donation to CMN.

Piece of Cake!  Have a bake sale for some cause and send a crumb or two back to CMN!

In Memoriam: A mother of one of our members loved music. When she passed away, her daughter requested that donations in honor of her mother be made CMN.

Coffee, Tea or ? - One Starbucks PLAIN SMALL coffee = $1.85 x once a week =$96.20!  1 CMN Membership $65 = Priceless!

PE 101: Do a hike or bike ride for a few dollars here and there and do it for CMN.

Make More Moo! Sell your CDs for $12 and give $2 to CMN.

Play it Forward! - Play a concert and donate the proceeds to CMN

Learn about the many ways in which you can support CMN