Spring 2018

Open the Circle

Rituals and Rhythms, Part II

Making Your Audience Part of the Show

Cultivate Our Humanness

Fall 2018

Technology Tips & Tricks

The Transition Train

Rituals and Rhythms, Part I

Bringing History to Life in Song


Spring 2018

In Search of the Wild Ukulele

We Are All Connected

Passionate People Inspire Extraordi­nary Songs, Part II

Framing Our Songs

Fall 2017

Padlet Power

Culture Bearer

Ten Top Performing Tips

Passionate People Inspire Extraordi­nary Songs, Part I

Safe Spaces for the Audience, the Song, and the Performer

Spring 2017

The Social Media Monster

In Praise of Organization

Teaching Fourth and Fifth Grade Music, Part II

Rules for Breaking Rules

A Key to the Story Vault

Fall 2016

Adventures in YouTubing

Music and Sounds From Around the World

Teaching Fourth and Fifth Grade Music

Advanced Zippering

Skin Color

Spring 2016

An Interview With Lisa Yannucci

Building Bridges from School to Home

Hearts and Voices of the Pihcintu Chorus

Ten Lessons I Learned About Collaboration

How We Do What We Do

Fall 2015

An Interview With Katie Wardrobe

In Tune With Babies

Passing On the Love of Music


Strive to Surprise

Spring 2015

Multigenerational Music Making

Tapping Into Musical Power

Song > Lyric + Melody

Gun Control

Fall 2014

A World Class Boys Choir

The Most Amazing Musical Instruments

Break the Barrier

Living in Dynamic Mode