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Make a Rainbow:
Musicians of Color Reflect on the World of Children’s Music

The world of children’s music can seem like a very white place. Only a few people of color attended CMN’s 2018 international conference, even though the CMN Board held a retreat focused on diversity, and the keynote and Magic Penny Award both featured African Americans.

Free Music Lessons:
Building Community on the Streets

Hello. My name is Thiago. I am a musician, music lover, music teacher, performer, and community builder. Although I am not trained as a music therapist, I often see music in the world through a therapeutic lens.

Finding Friends in Many Languages, Thanks to John Taylor

Through Wolf Trap, I taught in a variety of low-income preschools that otherwise would not have had the resources to bring in such a program. In addition to sending artists to teach across the country, Wolf Trap would fly all the teaching artists from around the country to Virginia for a weekend conference. It was here that I learned a simple song that has been with me ever since.

Resources For Renewal, Part III

The premise: What one or two resources have made an enduring impact and continue to inspire and sustain you as a musician/teacher/thinker/communicator?

Stay Awake:
Reflections on the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Workshop

When I was invited to arrive early to the fall conference and participate in the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion workshop, I quickly cleared my schedule to make it happen. I had long been lingering in conversations with numerous communities in my life—from school to book club to activist group—about how to make ourselves more diverse to no avail.

Fall 2018

Where Music Makes a Difference: An Interview With Kim and Reggie Harris

Walking Each Other Home: Threshold Choir

Doing the Hambone

An Interview With Dr. Tawnya Pettiford-Wates

Seeing Through Music, Part II

Spring 2018

Seeing Through Music: Songwriting at the Maryland School for the Blind

All Around This World

Music With Children Who Have Experienced Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES)

I Love My Fluke

Ten Things I Love About You, Kulele

Fall 2017

Sally Rogers: No Time to Feel Hopeless

Make a Joyful Noise (More Quietly)

Pounding for Peace

Sharing a New Song

And Peace Runs Through It:
From Peace Resources to the CMN Song Library

Resources for Renewal: Part II

Spring 2017

A Musical Pilgrimage: Six Countries, Eight Months, and a Song

Medicine of Music: The Songs of Love Foundation

Everybody Wins! TAFFY PRESENTS Brings Song, and More, to Underserved Families

Resources for Renewal

The Gift of Your Honest Self: An Interview with Fred Rogers

Melanie DeMore: Music as Community Connector and Food for the Soul

Sock Talk!

Fall 2016

Culture, Connection, & the Magic of Music: An Interview With José-Luis Orozco

Creating Safe Musical Spaces, Part II: Building Inclusive Communities Through the Arts

Can You Stop the Birds From Singing?: The Afghan Children’s Songbook & the Power of Music

Choruses and Song Swaps: A Way to Bring Singing Into Our Communities

Walking the Talk: You Just Have to Have a Big Heart: An Interview With Judith Cook Tucker

Spring 2016

Building CMN: Preserving the History of the Early Years

An Interview with Frankie and Doug Quimby: The Georgia Sea Island Singers

Bedside Bridges: Earning My Bronx Cheer

Creating Safe Musical Spaces: Teaching and Performing for Integrated Audiences

Music and Inclusion: Building a Vision Through Song

Reuse, Recycle, Rejoice

Fall 2015

A Conversation With Stuart Stotts

Resources for Teaching the Music of Native American Peoples

Sharing Our Strengths: The CMN Song Library

Brave New World: Twitter for Children's Musicians

Seeking Out the Real Roots

A Continuing Song: Notes on the Life of Ruth Crawford Seeger

Spring 2015

The Unseen Children's Music Side of an Award-Winning Career

Haunted House: A Guided Exploration

Fall 2014

Sharing a Musical Vision of Humanity: An Interview with Ruth Pelham

In Memory of Faith Petric

Music—the Universal Language

Farewell and Best Wishes to Jan Graves