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Sally Rogers: No Time to Feel Hopeless

What can one little person do? For the answer, look no further than Sally Rogers, this year’s Magic Penny recipient. An exceptional singer, songwriter, performer, educator, and activist, Sally is the embodiment of CMN’s mission and an inspiring member of the CMN community.

Make a Joyful Noise (More Quietly)

If you’re a musician, you know that music is awesome. Nothing beats seeing the happy faces of children dancing and singing along to music you are creating live. Then you ask a child for her name, and find that understanding the answer is harder than it used to be.

Pounding for Peace

It began in 1992 when I received an invitation from Linda Tillery, singer/percussionist and ethno­musicologist, to join her in creating an a cappella women’s ensemble that would focus on African-American roots folk music. In an early rehearsal she turned to me and said, “Mel, you’re gonna be the stick pounder.” I was absolutely clueless as to what that even meant.

Sharing a New Song

Sharing A New Song (SANS) chorus travels and sings around the world in order to promote better cultural understanding and communication with people in other cultures and countries. SANS also performs at local retirement homes and local festivals as part of its mission of friendship and connectedness through song.

And Peace Runs Through It:
From Peace Resources to the CMN Song Library

My friend and colleague, Michael DelMain, wrote beautiful words for a young girl in his Montessori preschool classroom who kept hitting her friends. Michael told her, “We don’t use our hands for hitting here. We have gentle hands.” He went home that night and wrote the song “Gentle Hands” for her and sang it to her the next morning.

Resources for Renewal: Part II

Part II in this ongoing series draws from CMN Board members and PIO! columnists. The premise: What one or two resources have made an enduring impact on you as a musician/teacher/thinker/communicator and continue(s) to inspire and sustain you?

Spring 2017

A Musical Pilgrimage: Six Countries, Eight Months, and a Song

Medicine of Music: The Songs of Love Foundation

Everybody Wins! TAFFY PRESENTS Brings Song, and More, to Underserved Families

Resources for Renewal

The Gift of Your Honest Self: An Interview with Fred Rogers

Melanie DeMore: Music as Community Connector and Food for the Soul

Sock Talk!

Fall 2016

Culture, Connection, & the Magic of Music: An Interview With José-Luis Orozco

Creating Safe Musical Spaces, Part II: Building Inclusive Communities Through the Arts

Can You Stop the Birds From Singing?: The Afghan Children’s Songbook & the Power of Music

Choruses and Song Swaps: A Way to Bring Singing Into Our Communities

Walking the Talk: You Just Have to Have a Big Heart: An Interview With Judith Cook Tucker

Spring 2016

Building CMN: Preserving the History of the Early Years

An Interview with Frankie and Doug Quimby: The Georgia Sea Island Singers

Bedside Bridges: Earning My Bronx Cheer

Creating Safe Musical Spaces: Teaching and Performing for Integrated Audiences

Music and Inclusion: Building a Vision Through Song

Reuse, Recycle, Rejoice

Fall 2015

A Conversation With Stuart Stotts

Resources for Teaching the Music of Native American Peoples

Sharing Our Strengths: The CMN Song Library

Brave New World: Twitter for Children's Musicians

Seeking Out the Real Roots

A Continuing Song: Notes on the Life of Ruth Crawford Seeger

Spring 2015

The Unseen Children's Music Side of an Award-Winning Career

Haunted House: A Guided Exploration

Fall 2014

Sharing a Musical Vision of Humanity: An Interview with Ruth Pelham

In Memory of Faith Petric

Music—the Universal Language

Farewell and Best Wishes to Jan Graves