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Departments | Fall 2014

Welcome to the New Fully Digital Pass It On!

As CMN president Anna Stange relates in her board report in this issue celebrating all of the wonderful people who bring “life and breadth” to CMN, there’s a lot of change going on, and the change that you are currently viewing, assuming that you are reading this on your computer, is perhaps best described at the beginning of the “Farewell and Best Wishes” written by our production editor, Caroline Presnell, that tells about the nineteen years of service Jan Graves provided to CMN.

In this brave new world of ever-evolving digital technologies, Jan’s consummate skills, talents, and dedication shepherded PIO! from the era of paper publishing into an online PDF file format that essentially offered a digital image of the paper layout. But as Caroline writes: “With this issue, the journal becomes a wholly digital publication requiring design and production pro­cedures and skills that overlap with but are somewhat different from those needed for print publications.” And with that change, Jan, who was so fabulous that we now need two people to replace her, has moved on to pursue other interests.

Actually, that’s not quite true. One of the two people who are collaborating to put out the new digital PIO! is Carl Foote, a daytime computer programmer and a nighttime classical musician who has been CMN’s web person since 2002, and who is also integrating the new digital journal into the website that he has managed for well over a decade. “I’ve benefited in so many ways from being connected to CMN, it’s hard to summarize,” Carl said. “CMN is a group of music people who face in their lives much of what I face in mine, and I appreciate the example and support and friendship of everyone I meet. I’ve learned a lot from CMNers. On the day side, CMN and I have grown up on the Internet together; looking back at that 2002 website makes me feel like I’m looking at my junior high yearbook picture. We’ve come a long way.” The other collaborator in this new digital journal is Kim Arden, who Carl describes as a wonderful graphic artist he’s worked with on a number of projects, including other musician and nonprofit websites. “While keeping to her own style, she has the ability to create artwork that people can relate to and feel represents them—an uncommon gift,” he said.

By moving PIO! out of the PDF files and into the pages of the website itself, PIO! will become much easier to read: it’ll be accessible on your phone, tablet—wherever you wish to read it. You’ll also be able to quickly find-and-click to songs and articles from previous issues.  There’s an incredible amount of deep and useful information in PIO! And we are all working to put it in your hands and at your fingertips. In addition to the PIO! itself, membership material throughout the site is being updated. You won’t have to go into a special membership area any more in order to read PIO!, nor continually remember your log-in and password—the website will be able to remember you from one visit to the next.

Please share the new online Pass It On! with someone you think might be interested. Each issue will contain articles that are open to anyone who wishes to read them. You can send people a link that goes directly to the article—“pass it on,” as they say. Here’s one more way to let people know about CMN.