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New Sounds

Note: These descriptions of new releases are sent in by the CMN members mentioned, but they may have been edited by Pass It On! staff for style consistency or length. The materials have not been reviewed. In addition to the sources listed, many recordings are available at local independent children’s book and record stores.


Lucky Day

Stacey Peasley ventures into her second album inspired by the influences in her own life as a mom to three children. Her evolving pop-rock songwriting style has adapted and grown, much like her family over recent years, paralleling life in the moment. Through this evolution, her music maintains broad appeal with families of all shapes and sizes.

CDs are available at


Karen Kalafatas
Big Ol’ Truck

Karen K & the Jitterbugs play pop-infused, genre-swirling tunes that parents love as much as their kids. On this album, Karen sets the scene with “Bug Out,” the imaginary fort in her back yard where she seeks adventures and makes music with her friends the Jitterbugs: Bumble (Seth Connelly, guitar), Stink Bug (Chris Small, drums), Hop (Eric Salt, bass), and sidekick and best friend Lightning Bug (Aaron Jones, everything else).

CDs are available at iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, Sound Cloud,
or http://www.karenkjitterbugs.com.


Googolplex & Other Numbers

Jack Pearson’s newest CD, Googolplex & Other Numbers, is a collection of some classic songs he’s known for, including “Tooth Fairy” and “Velcro,” as well as the title song and five new songs newly available on this recording. Jack’s a writer whose music flows from our American folk traditions, featuring acoustic guitar, banjo, fiddle, mandolin, spoons, jaw harp, and more. Though aimed at kids ages five to ten, the music has a fun, family feel that will appeal to all ages.

The CD is $15 and is available using PayPal at


¡Uno, Dos, Tres Con Andrés!

¡Uno, Dos, Tres Con Andrés! brings to families around the world a bona fide anthology of salsa, bachata, plena, mariachi, vallenato, bolero, champeta, and more, with vocals in both Spanish and English. Andrés’ original songs represent a joyous treasure trove of Latin rhythms and instrumental colors highlighted by the talents of world-class artists. Illustrations by Colombian artist Carlos Diaz Consuegra grace the CD’s beautiful Spanish/English lyrics booklet and cover.

Now residing in the Washington, D.C., area, Andrés called upon his immigrant experience in the making of ¡Uno, Dos, Tres con Andrés!, creating songs of friendship and happiness that celebrate cross-cultural sharing. Andrés’ music vibrates with the pure beauty of languages and encourages kids not to be shy or afraid of cultural differences, as exemplified by the opening line of the album’s first song, “Hola Amigo”: “It doesn’t matter where you are from, if you speak English or Español. It doesn’t matter, there’s nothing wrong. We can all get along.”

An all-Spanish version of ¡Uno, Dos, Tres con Andrés! is in the works.

CDs are $8 digital or $10 + S/H for a hard copy, available at http://123andres.bandcamp.com/album/uno-dos-tres-con-andr-s.
For an audio preview, go to http://123andres.com, or watch a YouTube video.