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Reports | Fall 2014

The Life and Breadth of CMN

News and Notes from the CMN Board

The Children’s Music Network: We are an amazing group of people working individually and collectively to make the world a better place using music. As an organization, we are an organism—living, growing, adapting—as we must, in order to remain relevant and thrive in an ever-changing world. We, the members of CMN, are our greatest asset, and we are the life and breadth of the organization.

We have made significant strides as an organization as we grow to fulfill our mission. Led by the CMN Board of Directors, our dedicated staff members and gracious volunteers have steadfastly worked to keep CMN up-to-date in this era of media transformation. You will see some of these efforts in this issue of PIO! The changes to the online format of our journal should make it easier for you to read and use the articles and features, while a generous donor has made it possible to still provide PIO! to those who need it in paper form.

As a board of directors, we work by consensus. Sometimes, this process of decision making can take a very long time, but in the end, we reach a decision that is acceptable to all in what we strive to have in the best interest of our members and the strength of the organization. For example, the process of updating our logo took well over a year and consideration of well over a dozen logo designs. We had long discussions and solicited feedback from both current and prospective members, along with nonmember industry pro­fessionals, about how our logo and web presence communicate who we are and what we do. This new logo, compatible in all formats, will help CMN develop a recognizable “brand” and communicate our mission to a wider network of children’s musicians and others who value children and high quality children's music.

CMN is growing up, and that means we are growing older. We mourn the passing of our elders while we share in the joy of welcoming new people into our musical family. After more than a quarter century, we must constantly look to find ways to nurture and involve the next generation of children’s musicians. We must continue to grow; the alternative is death. To live, we must continue to “Pass It On.”

Guided by our mission and strategic plan, our board of directors is focused on expanding the diversity of our mostly female, mostly white, mostly grey-haired, mostly folk music membership. We are committed to increasing member access, increasing scholarships for conference attendance and marketing the resources we offer in ways that will proactively welcome members who represent the breadth of all people in this world. All of this concurrently while making CMN more accessible to all teachers and others whose work with children would benefit from the resources we offer.

As we move ahead in our work (and joy) we welcome Andy Zamenes and Tim Seston to new three-year terms on the board of directors. We say thank you to Liz Buchanan who has given tirelessly during her tenure on the board. We also say thank you to Jan Graves, our long time graphic designer, who has helped produce PIO! for many years.