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Reports | Spring 2015
Muriel Anderson, founder of the Music For Life Alliance, and John Wiseman, MFLA manager, present the award to Anna Stange for CMN.
(photos courtesy of Bryan P. Allen Photography)

CMN Recognized for Making a Difference

Last November, the Children's Music Network was recognized with the Music For Life Alliance Award as an organization that makes a difference in the lives of children through music. Anna Stange, then CMN president, accepted the plaque and the $1,000 grant check on behalf of CMN. The presentation ceremony took place during the annual Thanksgiving concert of the alliance's founder, professional guitarist and composer Muriel Anderson, in Downer's Grove, Illinois. Stange expressed appreciation for the award and thanked Anderson for her own work, quoting words from Tom Hunter: "May the work we do make the world we live in a little more worthy of our children."

The nonprofit MFLA, which is funded primarily by Muriel Anderson's All Star Guitar Night shows, gives recognition and financial support to the growing number of individuals and organizations across the United States who are stepping up to the great need for children to learn music in the face of ever-growing cutbacks in the arts. The Alliance searches out organizations whose work and mission are compatible with its own. As part of the recognition, the Children's Music Network has been featured on the MFLA website. Among past recipients of the award are The Old Town School of Folk Music, the Jones Family Music School (where Muriel got her start on guitar), and CMN partner Guitars in the Classroom.

With this award in mind, the CMN board of directors budgeted a $1,000 increase in scholarships for our 2015 conference.