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Departments | Spring 2015

Welcome 2015!

New Year Message from Our President

I am excited and somewhat awed to have just become the president of the Children's Music Network. I rattle on about CMN to anyone who will listen, telling them what a fantastic organization it is and how much it does for its members and the children with whom they work and play. The longer I have served on the board, the more I realize how much more CMN can do for and with you.

The board members are energetic, smart, hard-working, and devoted to CMN. We are guided by the strategic plan we recently created, which ensures that our decisions and work are consistent with our core values. CMN connects singers, songwriters, teachers, parents, librarians, camp counselors, and others in a community of caring about one another, about children, and about a kind and peaceful future. As we exchange ideas and create community, both online and at our amazing conferences, we work for a better world, and we celebrate the many joys music brings to people's lives.

We're very excited about 2015! A major strategic goal of the board is to keep CMN flourishing for many years by encouraging people of all colors, ages, sexual orientations, and cultures to join and become active in our community. To this end, we are focusing on our Song Resources, making them more diverse and accessible, to better serve our members and to attract new members.

And we're continuing efforts begun in 2014 both to increase the number of nonprofit organizations with which we partner for mutual goals and as resources for our members and to broaden our social media footprint—both ways to spread the word about CMN. The more people who find and join us, the more CMN can do for and with you.

The board also wants to engage more CMNers in active participation, namely by serving on our Advisory Board and committees. There are many ways, large and small, to help and support CMN. Please bring your willingness and your ideas to any board member. We always want to hear from you.

I am very grateful for the board and their support for me this year. I especially appreciate Anna Stange, our past president, who is still on the board, and Jane Arsham, our terrific administrator, for sharing their experience, wisdom, and fine ideas. We are all in this together!

Wishing all of you a very happy and musical new year,

Liz Benjamin