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Reports | Fall 2015

President's Message

Eyes on the Future

This is an exciting time for CMN. We have launched our wonderful, updated, inclusive, listenable Song Library. We have two enthusiastic new members, Diana Kane and Ellen Allard, joining our strong board. While we bid farewell to board members Anna Stange and Amy Conley after the conference, we know that they will continue giving lots of their energy and their hearts to CMN.

The Board has approved a Code of Ethics that clearly expresses our values and how we want them to inform our work together. There is nothing new in this. We talk about respect, equality, sharing, diversity, consensus, empowerment, and social justice all the time. At our Annual Meeting this fall, we will come together to share stories of how these values are expressed in our lives and work.

CMN is on a strong footing financially. The board is looking at our strategic plan to find ways to best use our funds to help CMN reach and support more children and adults as they make music and singing an important way to connect and grow together, and as they make the world a better place for all.

Our regions are our strength, and it would be wonderful to use some of our resources to increase the number and the effect of the regional groups. These gatherings perhaps have even more impact than the annual conference, because the contacts and friendships are easier to maintain when you can actually see each other from time to time, accomplish goals together, and, of course, have fun! David Heitler-Klevans, the board member who has been the regional coordinator for six years, says, “Regional activities…draw new people to CMN, increase CMN’s visibility, and boost membership.” If there is a regional gathering near you, don’t miss it! If there isn’t, see if you can get together with some local people who might be interested in CMN, have a song swap and some snacks, and start spreading the joy and the caring. “Great oaks…” as the saying goes, so start planting those little acorns.

One of the ways that we can achieve more of CMN’s goals is to increase our membership. I know how much we all love and appreciate CMN and the connections, the support, the inspiration we receive from it. How often do you tell people about CMN? Try for once a week. Talk with a teacher or librarian you know, or a new singer you hear at the library, or a musician you know who’s just getting started performing for children. E-mail someone you read about in your local arts and entertainment paper. There are stunning new brochures in the CMN office; just ask for some, and carry them around in your backpack or guitar case. Don’t be shy about CMN!

Our fall conference is just around the corner. It will be wonderful to see and sing with many of you there.

Liz Benjamin, on behalf of the CMN Board: Amy Conley, Katherine Dines, Lisa Heintz, David Heitler-Klevans, Susan Salidor, Tim Seston, Anna Stange, Kim Wallach, Andy Zamenes