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Reports | Fall 2015
Candy Heitner and Anna Stange / Conference Co-Chairs

Faces to Know

Conference Committees

Far before the first attendee arrives or the first song is sung, planning for the conference begins. There are countless decisions to be made and details to attend to.

Here are some of this conference’s go-to people—with our heartfelt thanks!

Sammie Haynes / Workshop Co-Chair
Jane Arsham / Registration
Kayte Deioma / Photography
Kathy Reid-Naiman /
Sales Table
Susan Salidor /
Silent Auction
Tina Stone / Round Robin
Sarah Pirtle /
Newcomer’s Circle
Mara Sapon-Shevin / Newcomer’s Circle
Nancy Herschatter / Newcomer’s Circle
Bruce O’Brien /
Mentor Sessions

With special thanks to Midwest Rep, Carol Stephens (left), who generously gave us good advice and feedback based on her experiences co-chairing two previous conferences. Is there a committee for that?! In her capacity as Midwest Rep, she worked to build support for the conference throughout the region. We appreciate her efforts.

~ Conference Chairs, Anna Stange & Candy Heitner