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New Sounds

Note: These descriptions of new releases are sent in by the CMN members mentioned, but they may have been edited by Pass It On! staff for style, consistency, or length. The materials have not been reviewed. In addition to the sources listed, many recordings are available at local independent children’s book and record stores.


The Salamanders

The Salamanders are an all-ages family-friendly rock band from Missoula, Montana. This debut album is a collection of tunes that highlight the high energy and versatility of the group with songs to encourage dancing, singing, and imagination. As parents, we understand that stories and humor can capture the interest of kids, so we write songs that try to engage the clever spark of wonder, while also throwing in a few surprises. The music ranges from folk to boogie woogie to funk and anthem rock.

CDs and digital downloads are $10 and can be purchased at CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, Google Market, Bandcamp, or The Salamanders website, www.salamandersmusic.com.


Lucky Doug and the Stink Bugs

Lucky Doug and the Stink Bugs is quirky, witty, silly rock music for parents and kids ages five and older. These songs were created to fill the gap between preschooler music and the mainstream music that a teenager might listen to. They have magnificent lyrics and topics, and VERY catchy tunes. If the Beatles and Dr. Seuss formed a band, they might sound like Lucky Doug and the Stink Bugs!

CDs available at CD Baby, iTunes, or Stink Bug website: www.stinkbugmusic.com.


Calling All the Elephants

This is music for all kids. Dave writes: “Randy and I got together every Thursday and wrote about what we thought was funny.” The result is twelve original, irreverent, over-the-top, and often laugh-out-loud funny songs for kids by Randy Sharp and Dave Kinnoin.

Randy’s specialty has primarily been country music while Dave has worked almost exclusively in children’s pop music. The combination of the two genres and vocal styles gives Calling All the Elephants a wacky, seesaw feel, moving effortlessly between a country stroll where the wry wit of the lyrics sneaks up on you and a rock ‘n’ roll sprint where an outrageous lyric slams right into you.

CDs are available for $14.95 at Kidzmusic.com, Amazon, and iTunes.



The CD is ten tracks of funky dance, rhyming, comical, and clever tracks for preschoolers through second grade. Krista says, “My music has its base in rock ‘n’ roll and funk, but I love incorporating rhythms of New Orleans! This is my tenth year of being Funky Mama in and around Kansas City, so I thought I would celebrate with a new CD. I am an assistant director of a preschool and music teacher at that school; I was inspired by my 104 students. I was assisted on some tracks by Kansas City kindie artists “Mr. Stinky Feet” Jim Cosgrove, Dino O’Dell, and Rappin’ Roy Scott. Sugar Free AllStars’ Chris Wiser also lent his extraordinary organ skills on a track. I produced the CD myself and am so pleased to share it!”

CD can be purchased from iTunes and CD Baby or at www.funkymamamusic.com.


Anything’s Possible: Songs for a Montessori Environment
featuring the music of David Kisor (and Friends)

This is a collection of sixteen songs that focus on four key areas that foster the development of the whole child: concentration, independence, community, and movement. Rooted in early childhood research, these positive, powerful songs nurture the growth of the social and emotional aspects of the child. Songs titles include “I’m Gonna Find a Way,” “Stop and Think,” “I Can Do It,” “Anything’s Possible,” “I Stay Peaceful and Calm,” and others. Recommended for pre-K and kindergarten. Published by Growing Sound, www.growing-sound.com and www.facebook.com/growingsound.

Anything’s Possible is a digital release only, available for $9.99 via CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, SongsForTeaching.com, and other digital providers. Digital Download cards also available for bulk purchase.


Curious Songs for Curious Kids

This CD is a collection of original, lively, and gentle songs and story-songs, many inspired by true events. The songs are easy to sing and popular with children ages five to twelve (and many parents and grandparents enjoy it too!). Songs emphasize living with joy and responsibility, courage and humor. Some of the most requested titles are “All Kinds of Families,” “Freeway the High-Flying Pig,” and “Grandmother Tree,” the tale of how some kids saved a beloved tree from being cut down. All vocals by Dorothy Cresswell with electric bass by Garrett Sawyer. Children singers: Lucie Corderio; Addy, Grace, and Sarah Gahagan; Indigo Halasz; Ella and Meghan Hayes; Hattie Holabird; Sam Hunt; Anthea and Annika Kaplan; Addie and Isa Lange Marvin; Bevin Montgomery-Gehrt; Max, Ryan, and Sadie Rogowski; and Ajika and Samara Sawyer.

The CD can be purchased from CD Baby for $9.99 or $.99 per song. The accompanying songbook can be purchased at dorothycresswell.com for $10 plus postage.


Poesía Eres Tú (You Are the Poem)

The CD is a compilation of twenty-three songs all sung in Spanish, including original songs and songs from Música Amiga. Songs 1–10 are new songs with lyrics by Isabel Campoy; compositions, voice, and guitar by Suni Paz; and sound engineering, arrangements, piano, synthesizers, and harmonies by Juan C. Fernandez (Suni’s son). These ten fun new songs are written for children grades kindergarten through third. They are lively, joyful, modern rock kinds of songs to be acted and danced as well. The choruses are easy to follow, with echo-style repetitions. Songs 11–23 are written for third to sixth graders and families. They contain a variety of rhythms and most of these songs are danceable. The songs stress family values, getting along, respecting the environment, etc. Sound engineering, arrangements, piano, and synthesizer are provided by Sam Glaser. The CD cover and art is by Marcela Calderón from Buenos Aires, Argentina, with design by Fernando Chamorro.

The CD can be ordered by e-mailing rey@delsolbooks.com. See www.delsolbooks.com for ordering information or call toll free: 888-DEL-SOL-1.


Baby’s Boat: Songs, Rhymes, Tickles and Dances for Your Baby
The Best of Kathy Reid-Naiman

Since 1994 Kathy Reid-Naiman has produced thirteen CDs and produced or collaborated on seven more—twenty CDs in twenty years! To celebrate this amazing accomplishment she has chosen some of her favorite songs, rhymes, tickles, knee joggles, dances, and lullabies for babies and put them together on one beautiful CD. Baby’s Boat is the cream of the crop, the eternal favorites in the Tickles and Tunes baby classes that Kathy has been teaching since 1986. The album features Kathy Reid-Naiman on vocals and a stellar list of musicians including Victor Bateman, Bucky Berger, William Carn, Mary Colmer, Anne Lindsay, Arnie Naiman, Hannah Naiman, Mark Mosca, Dennis Pendrith, John Showman, Wendy Solomon, Sharlene Wallace, Ben Whiteley, Chris Whiteley, and Ken Whiteley.

The CD is available on iTunes and CD Baby and can also be purchased at www.merriweather.ca or on Facebook.


Lightning Bug Lullabies

An evening walk with her grandchildren in the campground in summertime inspired “Mrs. Kate” to create this cozy collection of original lullabies. Mrs. Kate writes, “I was always bothered by the traditional lullaby: ‘When the bough breaks, the baby will fall, and down will come baby, cradle and all.’ That’s when I decided to write ‘Rockabye Baby Safe.’ No crashing babies—just sweet, safe, and secure in the arms of their parents and grandparents.” So soothe your child to sleep with twelve songs that are perfect for bedtime. From Jammies to Close Your Eyes, peace, love and security will surround your little ones as they enter dreamland with Mrs. Kate. This album will be enjoyed by families with young children and makes a great baby shower gift. Here’s a link to a music video.

The CD costs $10 and is available at www.MrsKate.com and CD Baby. Downloads available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and all major Internet music stores.


You, Me, and All of the Above

Kristin celebrates her eighth studio album of original material, the first in nine years. Although it is not a children’s album per se, all of the songs can be enjoyed by families and children. Two songs will be of greatest interest to CMN:

  • “Carl the Guinea Hen” is about a free-ranging guinea fowl that lived on Kristin’s street for five months and was finally brought to a welcoming farm in southern Illinois before the winter came. Three children who enjoyed Carl on the block sing background on the song! It goes “Carl the guinea hen lived on our street without a pen; perhaps one day we’ll see him again, Carl the guinea hen!”
  • “Old Cap Streeter, the Pirate of Chicago” is the true story of the history of Chicago’s unique pirate, who held everyone at bay for years in the late 1800s while living in a shipwrecked boat and claiming the land as his own. Perfect for Talk Like a Pirate Day, it has plenty of lusty rrrrrr’s and yo ho ho’s and is a complete delight for children!

Amelia Earhart’s first solo flight across the United States provides the story for another song on the album, and finally, CMN members may be interested in a song in Persian.

The album can be purchased as a CD or downloaded at kristinlems.com or at CD Baby.


Take the Seed

Take the Seed is a new recording of songs for children and their families by Barb Tilsen. Filled with an enjoyable mix of Barb’s original songs, traditional tunes, and beloved music written by some of CMN’s gifted songwriters, this CD is a great choice, whether for the preschool/elementary classroom or the family porch and living room! Songs of planting and growth, dance and play, love and hope range in style from pure folk to a little bit of reggae to a little bit of blues with lots of fun weaving all the way through. There are songs in French, Spanish, and Swahili; songs for winter and songs for spring; songs about peace and the environment; and musical poems and games to make you want to dance!

Available September 2015. Check www.barbtilsen.com for details.



Patricia Shih has a new CD for children and families called Lovabyes, her first since her award-winning Your ImaginEngine! The lullaby album is a collection of eight of her gentlest songs from her many recordings through the years, plus one new cover, “John O’Dreams” by United Kingdom artist Bill Caddick. Patricia promises these songs will soothe listeners with wishes for a better world for all children.

The CD can be purchased at www.patriciashih.com.


American Heroes #4

Eleven new songs honor the contributions of diverse notable Americans. This album continues work that began with Jonathan’s first American Heroes CD. You can read the many favorable reviews of this CD and see a list of song titles at http://www.jonsprout.com/cms/cds/american-heroes-4-new.

Purchase the CD at iTunes, CD Baby, and Kidzmusic.com.