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Spring 2018

On a Roll

Rising Beyond

Love Is Love

Space Shapes

Wonderful Friends


Who I Am

Fall 2018

Get On Board

Wade in the Water

But You Do

What Light Do You Shine in the World?

Sending You Light

Soften My Heart

Spring 2018

We Are All Connected

A Beaver

Come Join in the Circle

On and On

Patas en al Aire

We Sing for Peace

When We Sing Together

Fall 2017

All the Way Around the World

Circle of the Sun

I See the Moon

What Can One Little Person Do?

Do Do Ki Do

The Wheels on the Chair

Bake Kake Søte

Spring 2017

You Can Dance

I’ve Got a Song

Girls Be Strong

El Juego Chirimbolo

We Will Go High

Train Song

I Can’t Rhyme

Mamá, Lee la Historia

No One Like Me

Fall 2016

Didn’t We Have Fun?

Let the World Be Well

My Roots Go Down

Ali Baba

Anything Is Possible

J’Aime la Galette


Spring 2016

Love Grows One by One

Turning of the World

A Small Star

I Lift My Lamp

My House Is a Construction Zone

So Many Stars

Spin Me a Web of Stories

Tulippu / The Tulip Song

Fall 2015

Building a Better World

Circle of Love

Open the Circle

Serengeti Plain

The Stars Go By

We'll Pass Them On

Who Are You?

Spring 2015

A Gentle Wind

Daddy Was a Migrant Worker

Drip, Drop, Ripple

Take Care of Yourself

What Do I Do?

Fall 2014

Every Moment, Every Day

Many a Good Tree

Rover the Reading Dog

The Slip

Today Is Diwali


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