Environmental Songbook 29 / 107

G-Gee It's Warm Out Here

By Peter Alsop

in Chris Moose Holidays by Peter Alsop

©1994 Moose School Music (BMI)


for ages 2-12


G-Gee, it’s warm out here E-G#m7(4x4444)-G#m6(4x3444)-C#m(446654)-


I th-think I have to sweat! E-G#m7-G#m6-C7b9(032300)-B7b9(0212x20

My sh-shoulders feel sloshy E-G#m7-G#m6-C#m-C7-B7

And my feet are g-getting wet! E-F#9(212020)-A7(545050)-G#m7(4x4444)-E

My c-corn cob pipe is drooping

My t-top hat doesn’t fit

My kn-knees are kinda shaky

I think I’d b-better sit


Brdg: I might have a fe-fever D7b9(076707)-C#7b9(065606)-D7b9-C#7b9-B7(989090)

I’m not sure what to do E-C7-E-[(E7-E6-E)2x]

C-Call a Doctor? C-Call a Vet? C#m-C#m7-F#7

Find some ice cubes and some g-glue? B7(224242)-B7(767070)-B+(009887)-(009889)-(009887)


Or c-call up B-Ben and Jerry?

They helped me out last year

I’d w-wish you M-Merry Christmas, but

G-Gee, It’s Warm Out Here!

I’d w-wish you M-Merry Christmas, but

G-Gee, It’s Warm Out Here!


Instrumental Chorus


G-Gee, It’s Warm Out Here!

I better g-go, I’ve over stayed

I th-think I wet my snow pants

M-maybe we could find some shade?


I can’t c-come and play here

If there isn’t any snow

And you k-kids know where it’s at

So we’ve gotta let the g-grown-ups know


Brdg: That the ozone layer’s mi-missing!

And no one seems to care!

That n-none of us will m-make it

If we d-don’t clean up the air!


I hate to m-melt away like this

I n-need your help, it’s clear

I’d w-wish you M-Merry Christmas, but

G-Gee, It’s Warm Out Here!


I’d w-wish you M-Merry C-Christmas, but E-G#m7-G#m6-Ddim-C#dim-Bdim

G-Gee, It’s Warm Out Here! Bye! Bdim-F#7b9, Bdim-Cdim-Bdim-E-E7

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