Environmental Songbook 75 / 102

The Colors of Earth

By Sarah Pirtle

in The Wind is Telling Secrets by Sarah Pirtle



We are made of the colors of earth.

Each color is different, each color is true.

We are made of the colors of earth.

And I love the colors that made you.


1: When I look in the eyes of my friends,

I can see topaz, I can see sky.

The green and the gray of the sea rolling by

and a dazzling brown river in the morning.


2: When I look at the hands of my friends,

I can see chestnut, I can see corn.

The color of wheat fields and a dappled brown fawn.

And the rain-kissed black trees in the morning.



Signing the Chorus:


We are made of the colors of the earth

we = sweep shoulder to shoulder,

made = twist stacked fists,

color = wiggle fingers by chin,

earth = one fist orbits around the other.


Each color is different. Each color is true.

different = crossed index fingers then go apart,

true = index moves forward from mouth


We are made of the colors of earth. And I love the colors that made you.

love = crossed hands in fist pressed to heart,

you = point to all in a sweep.


Additional Information:

Use with the picture book -- ALL THE COLORS OF THE EARTH

by Sheila Hamanaka, William Morrow, 1994.


Activity: With a partner explore stories about your hands, differences, similiarities.

See Lesson Plans for more information.

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