Environmental Songbook 94 / 102

Walk Lightly on the Earth

By Pam Donkin & Greta Pedersen




Walk lightly on the earth, my friend,

Walk lightly on the earth,

Take care with every step, my friend

Walk lightly on the earth


People can do wondrous things

With dreams that touch the skies

Symphonies, discoveries, enriching all our lives

Yet people can’t bring back the animals that are gone

There’s a fragile balance to maintain

And as we do, let us




Habitats are vanishing, endangering the lives

Of the humpback whale, the chimpanzee, the eagle souring high

So the children of our children can know the wonders of these

In our work and in our play, let’s all remember to




Final Tag: Let us

Walk lightly on the earth, my friend,

Walk lightly on the earth,

With carbon footprints light as air,

Walk lightly on the earth



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