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CMN's Multicultural Songbook is an anthology of some of the best songs originating from (or about) countries beyond the United States, often sung in languages other than English. In sharing songs of other cultures, we broaden the global understanding of our children so that they might see themselves as part of a larger world of people, not so unlike themselves, who hope, dream, play and learn in far-away lands sometimes in unfamiliar--but equally interesting--languages.

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Africa, Asian Subcontinent, Australia/Oceana, East Asia/Pacific Islands, Eastern Europe, Latin America/(Mexico)/Caribbean, Middle East, US/Canada, Western Europe

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About CMN Songbooks

CMN has a rich pool of singers and songwriters in our midst, and these listings are created as an ongoing "well" of song ideas for programs, classrooms and concerts in schools and other settings. The songs included here have either been written by Children's Music Network members or are songs from other songwriters that are recommended by a CMN member. It will be updated periodically, so check back often for new ideas! If you are a member of CMN, you are invited to submit a song to our editorial board.

Terms of Use

The artists who own these songs are delighted to have them performed in classrooms or camps. Please attribute songs to the composer and, if possible, include the artist's website URL in any of your printed material, such as flyers or programs. Be sure to contact the artist for permission if you want to record any copyright-protected material.