Multicultural & Non-English Songbook 24 / 26

Two Kids In The City

Music and lyrics by Ed and Carol Nicodemi

©2010 Ed and Carol Nicodemi

This song, Two Kids In The City, was written initially by me, and then expanded upon with the help of my husband, when we were both actively teaching Music for the Department of Education in NYC. The schools we taught at were extremely diversified, and the song came about as naturally as breathing. The objective was to illustrate to the children how we are all basically the same,and to embrace each other's differences in the name of friendship. It was performed numerous times at District and Multicultural Festivals and Events. Now, Ed and I perform this song, along with our many other original and children's traditional songs, at public libraries and schools. It is part of a CD called "It Goes This Way", which is for sale on Bought and distributed by Midwest Tapes, the CD is in circulation in more than 100 libraries throughout the United States.

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