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Bob Barlow

Hudson Valley (Monroe), NY

  • Arts Integration
  • Poetry
  • Songwriting


Bob Barlow is an award-winning educator and nationally published author who wrote his first musical composition – a love song about corn on the cob – at the tender age of four. Since then, he has rarely strayed far from his trusty guitar.

During his decades-long elementary school teaching career, Bob and his students regularly co-wrote songs about social studies, literature, science and even math. “Adding music to my instruction made teaching and learning so much fun – and it really helped the kids absorb and make sense of information!”

Bob’s original songs have received airplay on hundreds of radio stations around the world, and he has played alongside some of the world’s top musicians. His creative résumé extends beyond music, however: Bob Barlow has written books for Scholastic; penned jokes for world-class comedians; performed in improvisational comedy groups; and contributed his acting and writing skills to several independent films.

In addition to conducting workshops and school assemblies for children, Bob is available to speak to groups on a wide range of topics, including: Songwriting; Poetry; Songwriting as a Teaching Tool in the Elementary Classroom; and Strategies for Incorporating Creativity in the Elementary Classroom.


100 miles


Negotiable: $100-$1,000