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Jackson Gillman

Onset, MA


For banquet and conference engagements, Jackson is able to reach into his enormously deep kit bag, and come up with a customized program of interactive songs, comedy, and stories. Sometimes, a more inspirational tone is called for which comes very naturally. In fact, when all is said and sung, it is apparent that there is an underlying foundation of beneficence, hope and spirit infusing his work.

Jackson has keynoted and presented Playshop #101 at Early Childhood conferences, and for the New England Fathering Conference. And he has been performing repertoire from his “Dad’s Eye View” show since 2001.

Playshop 101
Getting down on your child’s level and just playing is a seriously important skill, and a most effective means of bonding. Learn some simple fingerplays, songs, and monkey business you can go home and try.

3 specific goals:

  • To drive home the fact that the best entertainment does not require batteries, electricity, toys or talent.
  • Play is educational, therapeutic, bonding and perhaps the most rewarding thing a parent can do with his/her children.
  • To empower participants to get silly and go home with many new fingerplays, songs and things to try.




Jackson’s fee usually starts at $475 plus travel, but he always encourages sponsors to share budget constraints.