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Joanie Calem

Columbus, OH

  • Disabilities and Inclusion
  • Early Childhood
  • Music and Movement
  • Music and Literacy
  • Social Justice


Joanie Calem is a parent, teacher, musician, and disability awareness advocate. Joanie leads teachers' workshops on autism awareness and sensory processing disorder, how they impact children in school classrooms and other public places, and practical tools that busy teachers can use to help these children and the rest of their classrooms run a little smoother. Joanie also leads workshops on how to use music in multiple ways: to help alleviate classroom overload, to supplement academic subjects, to offer productive classroom breaks, and to create inclusive classroom communities. Classrooms should be places that provide a safe environment for all types of learners, but that isn't always easy to accomplish. In reality, our classrooms are full of neuro-diversity, and often include children with many diagnoses, such as: ADD, Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, OCD, PDD, ODD, LD, etc. Joanie's workshops include both songs and discussions about successful strategies to help us as teachers see beyond challenging behaviors to reach and engage the child inside.


Pretty much anywhere that I can put together a travel package


Yes: $50 per hour of workshop