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I am with NorCal-based Golden Acorn Music. Many workshops offer a collection of songs and activities, but schools need both resources AND ideas. We call it the “fishing pole” problem: what good are the songs you learn (“learning to fish”) if we don't also provide the tools to use them in creative, varied ways?

All of our workshops come in two parts: First, we introduce and learn a series of songs and activities. After a short break, we reconvene to practice adapting, changing, and exploring them with a specific idea. That is, we'll teach you to fish AND give you the tools to do it like an expert! Everyone participates in everything; learning by doing is our motto with students of all ages.

Everything we present is tied to early childhood education, developmental milestones, and music learning theory. We present to groups of 6-60 (and beyond), and our rates are negotiable. Get in touch today!


30mi for free, any distance if compensated


Negotiable: $200-500, depending