As Tom Pease sings with a chorus of children the words of Sarah Pirtle’s wonderful song, “my roots go down to the earth.”

All of us in CMN understand the importance of deep roots – of friendship, of music, of family. This spring we invite you to plant a tree for CMN and watch an empty hillside become a thriving forest.

Once again we have received a generous matching fund, this time for $4,000. So let’s get planting!

Choose from the list provided or set your own donation for an entire forest ($150 minimum). If you’d like to mail a check, include a note that the donation is for our forest of trees, and we’ll “plant” it here (address below).

Thank you for any and all donations. We hope you enjoy watching our roots grow.

CMN Fundraising Committee
Wiley Rankin, Jenny Murphy, Val Smalkin, Susan Salidor, Tim Seston With invaluable help from James Coffey and Carl Foote