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Improve your professional skills, learn new music, and meet people who value the positive power of music in the lives of children.

There are so many ways to a part of our ongoing affinity groups, take a workshop, attend our annual conference...

Journal of Children's Music

In-depth interviews, articles, columns, and songs to share.



Environmental Songbook Peace Songbook Multicultural Songbook

Songs to learn and sing – songs that are fun, that teach, that bring out the best in children.


Friends & Sponsors

GoCreative Programs, Silver Sponsors, Alina Celeste and Mi Amigo Hamlet are Both Parents' Choice Silver Award Winners for their bilingual music for kids and families. Hamlet has provided bilingual arts and music programs in the Chicagoland area since 2001, and Alina has taught early childhood music and arts classes and toured internationally since 2009.

As GoCreative Programs and Lion Mice Productions, they provide workshops for educators and other professionals on incorporating music in the early childhood classroom and to strengthen early literacy and math skills, using music and art as a vehicle to teach Spanish, and Bilingual integration for story times and art activities. They also perform nation-wide for kids and families in Libraries, Schools, Museums, Theaters and Festivals, as well as produce recorded content like online classes, music albums, and educational or promotional videos for clients.

Step into the Star Forest universe, a realm where harmony reigns, and endless possibilities await. Here, we celebrate the beauty of individuality and nurture the creative spark within each of us. Join us on a captivating journey through music, storytelling, and the magic of imagination, where kids of all ages can find their place in this enchanting tapestry of art and wonder. Soon you will be able to watch the band’s animated music videos and immerse yourself in the enchanting world, brought to life by a talented cast of characters and a rich tapestry of lore. Join Fawn, Twig, Sluuth, Rocky, and more as they take you on a musical journey that's out of this world.

Behind the scenes, our team of gifted artists and musicians pour their hearts into crafting an unforgettable experience for all kids, but most especially ages 5-9 who are so overlooked in the music scene. Explore, learn, and discover the wonders of Star Forest with us! Insta FB Spotify Apple Amazon etc.

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Diversity and Inclusion

CMN stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement across the world. We are committed to cultivate a welcoming and affirming space, promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in our organization and the world at large. We recognize the positive power of music to shape children’s sense of fairness and justice, to teach the enormous importance of often-marginalized cultures to our music traditions, and to amplify the voices of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People Of Color), LGBTQI+ communities, and people of all abilities. We pledge to lead with humility, to continue our advocacy and support our members in theirs.

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