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What Our Members Say

Joining the Children's Music Network in 1993 helped me create a solid career in children's music, and I have been an active member and served on its board three different times since then. Its mission is clear, near and dear to my heart.  The songs, activities, ideas, values, methods, and most especially the lasting relationships I have made there, make CMN an essential place to belong today for anyone writing, performing or sharing music for, with or by children.
— Katherine Dines, Hunkta-Bunkta Music, Family music performer and songwriter

"CMN has changed my life. Pretty big declaration, but true."
— Fran McKinney, singer/songwriter, early childhood music specialist and longtime teacher of young children with special needs, Wisconsin

I'm just emerging in the industry and want to learn as much as I can and spread it to others. I don't want to have to re-create the wheel. The small price of membership is invaluable - it's given me so many ideas.
— Devin Walker, The Uncle Devin Show

"The CMN is such a great community to a be part of and an endless source of material both for work and play. Whether it is a song about teasing that I need for my Kindergarten music class or one to make my 5 year old eat more vegetables, the CMN is a bottomless well to draw from. The amazing people that make this organization what it is never fail to inspire, nourish and support me in every possible way."
— Lenka Zbruz, Filip's mom, Music Together teacher, early childhood music specialist and 1st/2nd grade chorus leader

Even as newcomers, we've felt tremendous support from the CMN community!
— Okee Dokee Brothers, Joe Mailander and Justin Lansing

"I've been a member for exactly a year and have met some of the most dedicated, helpful and talented musicians in the business...Joining CMN has been one of the best things I've done in a long time."
— Al deCant, singer/songwriter, performer and elementary school principal, Connecticut

As someone who makes a living full-time as a children's musician, I value so much what I've learned by being part of CMN over the past few years. Being a member is a practical way to enhance your professional network - I've had more jobs than I can count that came through my connections to CMN members. But there's a deeper value system at work. I'm so proud of the CMN members who took part in a Day of Healing through the Arts in Newtown, CT, in January, 2013. There's a real sense among us that we can make the world a better place for the next generation through music.
— Liz Buchanan, family music performer & teaching artist

For anyone involved in kids' and family music in any way, The Children's Music Network is an invaluable resource.  Whether you are a singer, songwriter, musician, teacher, librarian, parent, producer...whatever! You can benefit in immeasurable ways. As one of the founding members for over 25 years, I have made lifelong friends and have shared songs, ideas, laughs and resources with people throughout North America and even the world.  RUN, don't walk to CMN!
— Patricia Shih, family music performer and songwriter

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