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Kymberly/Miss Kym
Kymberly Stewart is a dynamic children’s singer/ songwriter and composer, who is on a mission to provide good music for children everywhere. A native of Oakland, CA who currently hails the greater Los Angeles area as home, Kymberly is bursting onto the children’s music scene with a passion that is contagious to all who listen to her music.
Her original children’s CD, Giggles and Curls, is a testament to her versatile talent.
Upbeat and interactive, her music
offers songs that promote positivity and early childhood learning over a soundboard of jazz, gospel and soulful -pop sounds.
With age appropriate lyrics that children can identify with and sophisticated music that parents and caregivers can appreciate, she creates a musical experience that the entire family can enjoy together.
Kymberly first began writing music while working as an assistant at a preschool as a means to earn money to pay her college tuition. That early attempt has now blossomed into a passionate commitment to creating quality music that children can enjoy and learn from. Childhood is a journey, and Kymberly is making sure kids have some good music to listen to along the way.
Burbank, CA
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