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Joanie Calem

Joanie Calem - Sing Along


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Joanie Calem - Sing Along
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Joanie Calem - Sing Along-Folk Music for All
Joanie Calem is a singer-songwriter/performer, storyteller and inclusion advocate. As an inclusion advocate, she leads professional development and teacher training about invisible barriers to learning throughout the US, and as a performer she leads concerts and classes for all ages, including intergenerational classes. Joanie’s concerts and classes are full of dancing, singing, audience participant storytelling, and puppet shows, all bringing the message of joyous appreciation of our world, of each other, and ways to help heal the world. Joanie’s intergenerational classes bring preschool children, their parents, and seniors together for music and movement. Joanie has published 6 CDs and 5 picture books for children and 3 CDs for adults.
Columbus, OH
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