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Esther Crow


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Esther Crow
Esther Crow
Born and raised in NYC, Esther Crow is an award-winning singer, songwriter and teacher. She is the cofounder of The Electric Mess, a garage-punk band formed in 2007 (which has recorded 5 albums, and toured throughout the U.S., and Europe) and the founder of Thunder & Sunshine, a rock band for kids formed in 2017. She started writing music for kids after the birth of her son, Vincent Crow, in 2013. Thunder & Sunshine- a 6 piece band with 3 female singers- released one album in 2017, which received an Award of Excellence from the Film Advisory Board. One song off the album, Monster in the Closet, was a semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition in 2019. She released her debut solo album for kids, All Together Now, which won a 2021 NAPPA award, and was produced by Grammy-winning engineer Dean Jones, on June 25th, 2021. Her second album, Listen Lead Love (released April 22nd, 2023) was also engineered by Dean Jones and features Strawbitty Yops, Father Goose Music and Kymberly Stewart. It has received critical acclaim and was included in 11 albums on the School Library Journal's annual list to "Get Kids Moving". Crow and her puppets (and sometimes, her family) perform regularly throughout NYC, weaving comedy and kindness into each show, while encouraging kids to shake instruments and move to the beat of her groovy tunes. For more info:
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