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Jenn Cleary is a folk-rock singer-songwriter from Boulder, Colorado, with many years’ experience performing on international stages. Highlight shows include Colorado Rockies games, Etown, Sundance Film Festivals, Blues Festivals, Folks Festivals and multiple European tours. She has a range of song styles and performs bluesy acoustic solo shows as well as rockin’ shows with her full electric band. Jenn has released two albums of original songs, one blues covers album, and she recently released her first children’s album. All Together Now! Rockin’ Songs for Kids of All Ages has won the prestigious recognition from the 2021 NAPPA awards for being best in the music industry, the 2021 Hot Diggity Award which signifies innovation, quality, entertainment, educational value and a commitment to excellence and the Back to School winner of the The 2021 Fall Parent and Teacher Choice Awards.
Boulder, CO
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