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Charlotte Talbot

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Kiwi Kids Music
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Cee Bee Teatime
Cee Bee Teatime was conceived in the heart of Aotearoa NZ’s rural South. I make interactive songs for children everywhere who want to learn and have fun at the same time. Most of my songs are aimed at preschool aged children and are inspired by my rural surroundings and experience working with local children. Some are very simple action songs, some have an element of the ridiculous, many tell a little story or have a message, some aim to encourage conversation but all began in my imagination.

Where I come from issues are aired, feelings shared, problems solved, ideas developed and support given over a cup of tea and there’s always music. Music feeds our soul and it’s never too early to start enjoying and appreciating it. The words and melodies have always been inside me and now it’s time to start pouring them out. IT’S CEE BEE TEATIME!

It’s been Cee Bee Teatime in the small New Zealand towns of Temuka and Timaru every week since our first Covid Lockdown in 2020. When some parents and caregivers could not find a particular song on Spotify, I decided to make the songs available online so that they could be shared with anyone else who might enjoy them too.
Temuka, New Zealand
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