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CMN Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Efforts

A Q&A with Peter Andrew Danzig, LSW, MSS, CTP 

Sunday Sept 11, 2022 at 7:30–9:00 pm ET

Please join us to learn more about CMN's efforts towards building a culture of accessibility and belonging. We will have a facilitated Q&A with our consultant, and national DEI (AB) expert, Peter Andrew Danzig. Peter will speak to the engagement of the creation of CMN's community agreements for social justice, engagement with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. This discussion will address the organization's historical founding in social justice and music and our current work towards inclusivity and a person-first approach to acknowledging our need for continued growth and a culture of safety.

We invite all members of the conference, and community partners to listen in and hear about this moment of change. If you're not attending the conference, contact us ( for a registration code.


Peter Andrew Danzig, (they/them) LSW, MSS, MA, CCPT, CPT is a Senior Leadership Strategist, Psychotherapist, toy analyst, and Diversity and Inclusion Professional in the Greater Philadelphia region. Peter’s research and practice interests are invested in community mental health, theories on adult play and the ways it frames our social interactions, and trauma informed work with clients and artists/creatives. Peter’s clinical approach is rooted in holistic, relational and humanistic theory. They believe in a strengths-based perspective, recognizing the resiliency in their clients. Peter’s research and Op-Eds have been featured in the Psychology Today, The Wall Street Journal, Philadelphia Gay News, The Mighty, and others. Prior to their work in mental health and organizational dynamics, Peter worked in administration and performance arts for over 15 years. Peter received their MSS degree from Bryn Mawr College and was the L. Diane Bernard Fund for LGBTQ and Human Sexuality Scholar recipient. Peter has experience in senior leadership and administration providing case management and counseling in a variety of settings including hospitals, higher education, and non-profit arts agencies. In 2014, Peter founded Theatrical Trainer, a non-profit research collective dedicated to social service and wellness for artists across the country. Peter's research investigated the biopsychosocial impacts of mental health and artists/creatives. Peter also serves as a Commissioner for the Mayor's Office of LGBT Affairs in Philadelphia.

Additionally, Peter is amongst one of the first APA approval modality cohorts of therapists researching and normalizing geek culture, "nerdom", and affirming care that integrates pop culture and community healing. Peter has researched and presented nationally on the impacts of toys, design, and play on neurology throughout the life-span.

Their upcoming book, Don't Toy with Me: A Geek's road to acceptance, calm, and expression by Leyline Publishing is due out in 2023.

When not public speaking on the Queer experience, they can be found watching Sailor Moon, enjoying homemade CubanX food, 90's kitchen dance parties with their French Bulldogs, or learning humility in the human experience through their interactions with anyone willing to enjoy coffee or tea, and vulnerability.

Peter's Intersections: LatinX, Gender Queer Person living with an invisible disability


Our CMN annual conference is now over 30 years old!! Every year it gets bigger and better, creating many opportunities for performers, educators, song¬≠writers, librarians, and families—all those who love music for children—to gather. Together, we connect and reconnect and fill our hearts with laughter and song by sharing songs, ideas, resources and information.

Looking forward to seeing you in 2023, #cannotwait!

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