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Keynote Speaker

Radmilla Cody

K'é Hasin/ Enduring Kinship & Hope

Radmilla Cody is a GRAMMY Nominee, multiple Native American Music Awards Nominee, international performer, a former Miss Navajo Nation, co-founder of the Shimá Storytelling Literacy Program and the founder of the “Strong Spirit: Life is Beautiful not Abusive” campaign which brings awareness to teen dating violence. As a survivor of gender based violence, Radmilla uses her personal experiences to advocate nationally and internationally for the importance of understanding and identifying unhealthy relationships and recognizing healthy relationships by incorporating the message of self-respect, self worth, cultural pride & identity.  As a mother in resistance, Radmilla also cofounded a radical space called “K’é Infoshop” based in Window Rock, AZ where direct work and action is prioritized to educate, organize and strengthen k’é/ kinship with all oppressed relatives i.e. Solidarity Meals, Diné/ Navajo Language Classes, Diné Pride/ LGBTQ2i, Matriarch Mondays, etc. Her music and advocacy work has been a form of resistance against multiple colonial forces such as patriarchy, anti-blackness and anti-indigeneity. Radmilla has her B.S. in Public Relations with a minor in Sociology.


Our CMN annual conference is now over 30 years old!! Every year it gets bigger and better, creating many opportunities for performers, educators, song­writers, librarians, and families—all those who love music for children—to gather. Together, we connect and reconnect and fill our hearts with laughter and song by sharing songs, ideas, resources and information.

Looking forward to seeing you in 2023, #cannotwait!

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