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Music and Rhythm Reimagined:
How to Engage our Brains, Bodies, and Minds!

Experience how to use music and rhythm in new ways to build a more resilient brain, and unleash the creativity inside us all. In this musical, physically active, mentally stimulating, and emotional keynote, you’ll develop new skill sets which will allow you to connect more deeply with children and adults in your life. Come ready to sing, move, laugh, and stimulate new areas of thought. You’ll walk away feeling younger and inspired to inspire others!

Photo: Enrique Feldman

We are excited to announce our 2019 CMN Conference Keynote presenter: Enrique Feldman

Enrique is an Artist, Educator and Entrepreneur with a global influence. He is the founder of the Global Learning Foundation, the author of the adult book “Living Like a Child”, co-author of the children series Sam the Ant™, also used metaphorically for his adult leadership development, the inventor of iBG™ (Intellectual Brainwave Games), the co-creator of the touring theatrical show, The Inner Journey, and is a two-time Grammy nominated performing artist and composer.

In 1997, he left his position as the Associate Director of Bands and Professor of Tuba at the University of Arizona and began to recreate his artistic and educational career, with the idea of developing his potential more fully. Enrique craved more time with his family and believed that the Arts could have a more profound impact in all walks of life. With that in mind, he began to create ways to live more artistically in all areas of his life, from parenting, cooking, and learning artistically.

Questions he loves to include:
“What will the world look like when we realize we can live our life artistically?”
“What will the world look like when we learn how to ignite curiosity?”
“What will the world look like when we embrace multiple perspectives?”
“What will the world look like when we embrace adversity through diversity?”

Enrique is known for making these kinds of questions come alive through physical and playful keynotes and workshops. From business-minded organizations to early childhood organizations, his track record is one of creating individual and group paradigm shifts.


Praise for Enrique

He’s incredible. Engaging, courageous, heart-centered. Wonderful to see him presenting new material. Love him so much– what an inspiration!
~ Conference attendee, 2018 Prevent Child Abuse Arizona Conference

Enrique brought an energy, creativity, and passion to our meeting unlike any other keynote before him! He delivered a highly informational and motivational message, and engaged the audience so much that the two breakout sessions were packed to capacity. Enrique’s combination of education, arts, and music created a unique learning formula that resonated tremendously for our conference attendees, and he was most definitely the highlight of our event!
~ Marcie Craig Post, Executive Director, International Literacy Association

Enrique’s keynotes are always spot on and deeply inspirational and motivating. His depth of knowledge in understanding the learning environment and process of children through adults exemplifies his dedication to life-long learners and how to continually evolve our own capacities to learn and apply that learning in our lives. His brain games are contagious and a delight, while challenging us to build an empathic bridge to understanding the heart, mind and spirit of play that encompasses all learning in the child, allowing us to extend our authentic selves into the light of day, connecting with one another and the world we are one with.
~ RICK WAMER, Founder, WamerMime, Artist and Educator, 2016 Buffalo Exchange Artist and Educator Achievement Award

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