Magic Penny Award

We are so pleased to announce that the Magic Penny Award recipients
for 2018 are Kim and Reggie Harris.

Photo: Kim & Reggie Harris

The Magic Penny Award is given to people who have demonstrated lifetime achievement in the field of children’s music. Kim and Reggie have enjoyed a long and honored career of helping students and their teachers absorb and express the power of music to build community, demonstrate strength, and lead all of us toward freedom.

With creativity, deep knowledge, and beautiful voices Kim and Reggie have taught and inspired generations of kids and adults to understand our past and what it means for us today. For over 30 years, they have been performing, teaching, writing, researching, and recording. They have an incredible repertoire of African American music mixing both old and new freedom songs and spirituals to engage and educate audiences of all ages.

We look forward to celebrating their collective body of work, which brings the hard story of the struggle for freedom to students and adults alike. Please join us at this conference as we honor and celebrate the life work of Kim and Reggie Harris with 2018’s CMN Magic Penny Award.

Read more about Kim and Reggie Harris and the Magic Penny Award.

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