Opening Session

Recognition of Ancients & Multigenerational Performance

Photo: Roman Orona & Family

Roman Orona & Family

Native American survival has been made possible through strong clan and family relationships. Three generations of the Orona family will share the strength and renewal of the Native Peoples through music, stories, poetry and blessing our physical and ancestral presence.

Roman Orona (ish hish itsaatsu is his Apache name meaning “One Who Dances With Eagles”) is an internationally acclaimed dancer, singer, actor and craftsman. His work is often noted for its unique blend of power, passion and inspiration. Roman creates performances that are unforgettable, leaving a positive impact on audiences.

Folklorico Dance

Ollin Yoliztli Dance Academy

Ollin Yoliztli Dance Academy

Ollin Yoliztli Dance Academy connects the world through the beauty of the Mexican folklore dance and inspires a lasting love and appreciation for dance through exhilarating performances, authentic choreographies and outstanding educational programs. Their dancers will lead us in simple folklorico steps.

Ollin Yoliztli Dance Academy is an Arizona based professional traditional Mexican folklore dance school whose mission is the pursuit of artistic excellence and development of cultural diversity impact around the world.

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