General Conference Schedule


Friday, October 13, 2017

4:00pmGeneral conference registration opens
5:00–5:45pmNewcomers Circle
7:45–9:00pmContra Dance with Robin Nelson
10:30–?Late-night jamming

Saturday, October 14, 2017

7:30–8:15amEarly morning activities
8:00–9:30amDay registration open
8:00–8:45amNewcomers Song Swap (all welcome)
9:15–10:30amWorkshops – Session 1
Using Cups and Buckets to Teach Rhythm Concepts
Make Music Videos, Make a Better World
Moving from Fear to Friendship Through Music
10:45–12:00pmWorkshops – Session 2
Some of the Best CMN Songs Ever
Creating a YouTube Channel that Works for You
Teaching Songs in Other Languages
Literacy and Learning Songs
12:00–2:00mLunch and annual meeting (dessert)
2:00–2:30pmYOUR TIME (connect, relax, jam)
2:30–3:45pmWorkshops – Session 3
Music in the Elementary Classroom
The ABCs Percussion from Conception to Completion
Singing Our Way Through Art and Advocacy in Family Music
Meaningful Songs of These Times
4:00–5:30pmKeynote Presentation - KEN WHITELEY
8:00pmSilent auction closed
7:45–11:00pmRound Robin, part 2
11:00–?Late night jamming

Sunday, October 15, 2017

7:30–8:15amEarly morning activities
9:00–10:15amWorkshops – Session 4
Let Your Yoga Dance
Song and Sign Language Go Hand in Hand
All Around This World
Stay Strong Children
10:30am–12:00pmMagic Penny Ceremony honoring SALLY ROGERS
1:15–2:30pmClosing Circle

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