Cantamos con Suni Paz

Juntos . . . Cantamos

October 4th at 3pm CT • Virtual via Zoom

2020 NEA National Heritage Fellow, CMN Magic Penny recipient and National Culture Through the Arts Award recipient, Suni Paz, will lead us in a session of bilingual singing.

Bringing Queer Joy to Family Music

Together We . . . Change

October 4th at 6pm CT • Virtual via Zoom

Founder and CEO of Queer Kid Creative and producer of Queer Kid Stuff, Lindz Amer will provide a general 1010 overview of gender and sexuality, providing strategies through which songwriters and music educators can bring a queer-friendly message to their audiences through music. Lindz will demonstrate how they have done this in their own work as a queer children’s performer, writer and musician.

Early Childhood Music Groups: A Music Therapist's Approach

Together We . . . Play

October 5th at 3pm CT • Virtual via Zoom

Early childhood music groups are a unique challenge that can require the facilitator to play referee, acrobat, performer, songwriter, and cheerleader all in one. What if you could reduce the stress of early childhood music groups by utilizing music therapy-inspired techniques and  resources? Join Stephanie Leavell, board certified music therapist, Berklee College of Music graduate and founder of, as she shares early childhood music resources and tried-and-true techniques that can help kids stay engaged, excited, and ready to learn.

Zipper Songs Swap

Together We . . . Zip

October 5th at 6pm CT • Virtual via Zoom

Share your zipper song in this fun song swap hosted by Jean Young.

Jean has been a songwriter and teacher for 50 years, working with babies and parents, pre-schoolers, elementary students, and college students.

Music as a Tool for Bilingual Education

Together We . . . Teach

October 6th at 3pm CT • Virtual via Zoom

Music is a powerful tool to learn languages. The melody and repetition help with person to person connections, and person to world connections. Those connections make it easier to learn a new language. Peruvian Flor Bromely is a recording artist, bilingual singer/songwriter, actress, storyteller and puppeteer. Flor will offer attendees the tools to feel confident to use Music to teach Spanish, to provide a basic curricula of songs to be used for teaching Spanish, to apply rhyming and play in the classroom for a bilingual education.

Environmental Songs Swap

Together We . . . Sustain

October 6th at 6pm CT • Virtual via Zoom

Share your songs about the environment hosted by Earth Mama, Joyce Rouse.

Earth Mama, Joyce Rouse, is an award-winning songwriter and performer whose body of work has centered on her commitment to “helping heal the planet one song at a time.”

Music as an intervention for Child Development, Health, and Wellness

Together We . . . Learn

October 9th at 9:30am CT • In Person & Virtual via Zoom

Ann Torralba, aka Little Miss Ann, nationally touring, award-winning Family Musician artist, will describe how music benefits young children. She will discuss the physical, social-emotional, and educational benefits of music in this interactive, multi-sensory Masterclass.

Thinking Like a Business, for Musicians

Together We . . . Work

October 9th at 9:30am CT • In Person &Virtual via Zoom

You're self-employed, but you may not think you have "a business mind” or no actual business plan -- or not one up to date. Join Matt Fernald, owner of Golden Acorn Music, to set you up for success in making a Business Plan focusing defining your "product," selecting your "audience" and getting the word out.

It's easier than it may sound to get started, and you'll leave this workshop with at least one draft of a plan to bring home and develop further. If you want sporadic work to be more consistent, fluctuating reviews to be higher, or initial "sales" calls to be more comfortable and predictable, then a plan is for you!

Loop Pedal 101

Together We . . . Loop

October 9th at 9:30am CT • In Person & Virtual via Zoom

Learn the joys of the loop pedal with Julie Be, from the Philadelphia-based duo, Ants on a Log! Don't let the technology intimidate you, it's easy to learn and can be applied in basic and advanced ways. Participants will learn the basics of using a loop pedal as well as ideas for using looping in songwriting, performing, and audience participation. No need to own a pedal to attend-- many of the functions can be translated to Garage Band or similar programs. Julie Be a certified Music Therapist specializing in the connection between gender and the voice.

Practice Standing Up! Songs and Skills for Interrupting Racism and Gender Oppression

Together We . . . Stand

October 9th at 11am CT • In Person & Virtual via Zoom

Let’s use music to practice fluency with anti-racist and gender-affirming language. In order to be effective allies and advocates for social justice, it is important that we learn to name our own social location (ex. histories and positions) as we develop strategies for challenging oppressive language and behavior.

Mara Sapon-Shevin (she/her) is a queer, white educator and activist.

Julie Be  (they/them) is a queer, non-binary, white musician and activist.

Together we Bring Diversity to STEM with Music!

Together We . . . STEM

October 9th at 11am CT • In Person & Virtual via Zoom

Join Roy Moye, III, dynamic speaker, aerospace engineer, and founder of STEMusic, in exploring the lack of diversity within the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Industry. He will introduce a method to help solve this problem that includes the power of music. Educators, Songwriters, and Musicians will leave with an awareness of an important problem impacting children but they will also feel empowered and  equipped to be a part of the solution.

Sarah’s Music Room: Jazz Melodies & Rhythms

Together We . . . Sing

October 9th at 11am CT • In Person & Virtual via Zoom

Immerse yourself in the Jazz idiom with award-winning singer, songwriter and musician, Sarah Marie Young! With the objectives of learning, developing, and creating sustainable musical exercises for pre-k aged children, activities will focus on Jazz melodies and rhythms (e.g. swing, improvisation, storytelling) while using inclusive and diverse teaching language for children of all backgrounds. Sarah was a semi-finalist in the 2010 Thelonious Monk Competition and the winner of the 2011 Montreux Voice Competition, judged by Quincy Jones, Sarah has a mastered and diverse background in all styles of music.

Making Connections With Your Hands - Visual Art Extensions for Music Classes

Together We . . . Create

October 9th at 2:30pm CT • In Person & Virtual via Zoom

Teaching Artist's Hamlet Meneses and Alina Celeste will share ideas and projects to add visual art extensions to your early childhood music classes! Their holistic approach to language learning, social/emotional development and the arts makes for an inclusive, creative lesson plan. Attendees will: * Gain insight and strategies for teaching an engaging language lesson using visual art * Acquire tangible ideas and lessons that can be used immediately. * Be able to extend already existing lessons and curriculums with art projects

Alina and Hamlet are both Parents' Choice Silver Award Winners for their bilingual music and Jubilation Foundation Fellows of 2020.

One Ukulele/Three Chords/Many Songs

Together We . . . Uke

October 9th at 2:30pm CT • In Person & Virtual via Zoom

Award winning singer/songwriter and music specialist Susan Salidor will present the basics of playing the ukulele including 1) holding the Uke and the importance of tuning, 2) forming three simple chords (C/F/G), and 3) using these chords to play one song and potentially dozens of others from the canon of children’s music. Susan hopes to show the joy of playing the Uke, sharing its potential for enriching music in the early childhood classroom.

* You must bring a ukulele to this workshop.

Stand Up: Socially-Conscious Songs for Kids

Together We . . . Care

October 9th at 2:30pm CT • In Person & Virtual via Zoom

In this workshop, participants will learn how to prioritize and implement social
consciousness into their work with children. They will learn the anti-bias goals for
different age groups, and how to discuss topics accordingly. Participants will hear
anecdotal stories and songs, and will also learn creative ways to increase
representation in their spaces.

Katie Norregaard (she/her) is a songwriter, filmmaker, and teaching artist based in
Chicago. She creates conscious songs and videos for children under “Miss Katie
Sings”. Katie advocates for anti-bias education and believes strongly in the power
of music to promote social-emotional learning, tenderness, and justice.

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