Workshops & Presenters


SESSION 1: Saturday Oct 14, 2017
9:15am - 10:30am

Randy Sauer • Music for Teaching • Masterclass

This workshop uses a program Randy developed called “Rhythm Cups”. Rhythm Cups has five levels of rhythms with each level progressively more difficult. Each level has 6 rhythms for the students to learn. Labels with a one measure rhythm are placed onto ordinary plastic cups and then games and activities can be used. 1) Guess the Rhythm, 2) Student Compositions 3) Rhythm Baseball, 4) Pass the cup to the beat are just a few activities that can be used with rhythm cups. Teachers can use blank labels to create their own rhythms on the cups. There are rubrics that can be used to assess if students can play the rhythms. An additional activity with Rhythm Cups is the interactive smart board composition program that uses the same rhythms to create original rhythm songs. Two-part cup and bucket songs will also be explored.

Randy Sauer

Born and raised in Norton Kansas, Randy was involved with music all throughout his school years. His love of music eventually led him to a Master’s Degree, with an emphasis in music composition and audio recording. Presently, Randy is a K-6 Music Teacher in Hays, KS where he teaches elementary music and sixth grade band. Randy has taught music for 27 years. He was selected as the 2013 - 2014 Outstanding Elementary Music Teacher by the Northwest Kansas Music. Jammin’ Randy has been performing since 2008, performing in Kansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma. Randy also has a very successful Teachers Pay Teachers site for his educational music materials.

Patricia Shih • Performance & Business • Masterclass

In these days of YouTube, Vimeo and other platforms it has become crucial that artists have a strong video presence online. It’s THE way people discover new music. We already know that music by itself is a powerful force; add visuals and you have an unbeatable means to convey your message. YouTube can help show young people the power of ideas, and influence hearts and minds towards social good. Using various software, technically savvy youngsters can now make videos of their own or other favorite artists’ songs. Come learn various approaches to making music videos, from the simplest to the most complex.

Patricia Shih

Patricia Shih is an award-winning singer-songwriter, recording artist, TV personality and author based in Huntington. Ms. Shih tours North America, and has been featured on numerous radio and TV shows, at major music festivals, and in various clubs and concert halls with such luminaries as Pete Seeger, Bonnie Raitt, David Bromberg, Tom Chapin, Richie Havens, Odetta and Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary. She has nine albums and two books to her credit. Patricia has made music videos for herself as well as numerous clients for many years. She also counts filmmaking as one of her talents, as her first documentary has been nominated for “Best Documentary Feature” and she has earned a nomination for herself as “Best Director Documentary Feature” by the 2017 Queens World Film Festival.

Andrea Green • Using Our Music for a Better World • Masterclass

This dynamic interactive workshop will focus on creating, performing and directing music as a vehicle to foster empathy, understanding, acceptance and respect between children. Andrea will show film excerpts of her international tolerance-teaching work and will actively engage participants in improvisation and performing songs that reflect inclusion and are conducive for bringing diverse groups of children together in unity.

Andrea Green

Andrea Green is an award-winning composer/playwright, director and music therapist of children’s musicals who has written librettos and music as well as directed and produced seven completed works that have been produced in several states in the U.S. as well as Estonia, St. John and Puerto Rico. For 35 years, she has directed the “Something Magical Project “ – a musical theater partnership designed to foster empathy, inclusion, acceptance and respect between children of different backgrounds. Her work is the subject of a 2015 Emmy-award winning documentary ‘On the Other Side of the Fence’, produced by Henry Nevison and MindTV and received the United Nations Department of Public Information Award for extraordinary public service.

Kathy Reid Naiman • Song Swap

Come and share a favorite Fingerplay or two and learn a few dozen more.

Kathy Reid Naiman

Kathy Reid-Naiman has spent the last 30 years working and playing with preschool children in libraries and schools in Ontario. She has made 15 award winning CDs for early childhood with producer Ken Whiteley and one DVD of Fingerplays with Grammy award winning artists Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer. She has presented concerts, workshops and training sessions at conferences and libraries across North America and is in demand as a keynote speaker.

SESSION 2: Saturday Oct 14, 2017
10:45am - 12:00noon

Kari T. Kovick • Music for Teaching • Masterclass

From her very first CMN gathering in 1998, Kari has been collecting incredible songs from this group and taking them back to her one-stoplight town of Floyd, Virginia, where she has woven them into her Heart of the Child Music Education program. After 19 years of teaching these songs Kari is honored and excited to bring them back to CMN in her own style, with scarves, movement, and stellar arrangements from her brand-new Ken Whiteley-produced album It's You I Like. She's written a few herself, too. Some of the songs are just plain fun, like the best-fall-song-ever she learned from Barb Tilsen, Red, Yellow, Orange, Brown. (Who can resist jumping up and down 16 times in a row to the word "red"?) Some are great for toddlers and preschoolers who love to pretend and move around the room like animals, like Tom Hunter's Walkin' in the Woods and The Bear Missed the Train (you know, the famous remake of Bei Mir Bist Du Schon?) Others highlight the social and emotional learning component of Kari's program, and celebrate feelings and teach self-regulation through song, like Bonnie Lockhart's When I Feel Mad, Bob Blue's I'm Not Scared, and possibly the most helpful song in her toolkit, Calm Down. Join Kari for this fun-filled inspirational session and bring your kids!

Kari Kovick

Kari Thomas Kovick lives in a one-stoplight town called Floyd, Virginia. She moved there in 1999 with her husband and 2 daughters to follow her bliss: to share her favorite music with children in an intimate setting where she could grow up alongside them and their parents. She created Heart of the Child Music Education, a joyful, interactive music program, and has watched it grow organically and persistently over the past 18 years.

Alina Celeste • Performance & Business • Masterclass

Have you been wondering how she does it? Join Alina and learn the necessary steps to create a successful YouTube channel. Bring your questions provide answers and advice for people who want to try. Alina will also discuss YouTube’s role in Social Media and Branding.

Alina Celeste

Alina Celeste is a Teaching Artist at the Miami Children's Museum and an Internationally Touring Family Musician. She also runs a YouTube channel for kids with over five million views, and spent the last four years as Editor of the CMN Blog and Social Media Director. When she's not doing those things, she's eating pizza while reading a good book.

Joanie Calem • Using Our Music for a Better World • Open Forum

Joanie offers this workshop of interactive songs and games from around the world. All of these songs and games are class and performance tested, with variations for different ages. Intrinsic in the workshop are techniques for teaching and performing songs in languages that your audience doesn’t understand, using songs as bridges to listening and tolerance.

Joanie Calem

Joanie Calem is a musician, singer/song-writer, teacher, and performer. She teaches music and performs nationally for both children and adults. Joanie lived in the Middle East for 23 years, teaching in Hebrew, Yiddish, Ladino and occasionally in Arabic. Joanie’s experience of living and singing in other languages for a significant part of her life taught her the beauty of how communication varies depending on the language and rhythm that you are sharing. She feels that sharing “other” languages is very important for children in the US, both for those that never hear anything other than English, and for those who speak other languages, each for their own reasons! Hence, Joanie has developed many ways to teach music in other languages in a way that is immediately accessible to audiences who only speak English.

John Keenan & Jo-Anne Wilson-Keenan • Song Swap

This song swap is for sharing songs that support reading and writing or learning in a different area.

John Wilson & Joanne Wilson-Keenan

John Keenan and Jo-Anne Wilson-Keenan live near Cape Cod Bay in Massachusetts. Together they write literacy songs and environmental songs. Their singing duo is called Bay Song. Both John and Jo-Anne taught, John as a high school teacher and director of library and technology services and Jo-Anne was a teacher, principal and director of reading in the public schools of Springfield, Massachusetts. She also taught at Fairfield University and at the University of Massachusetts. She holds a doctorate from UMass. Her many publications include the book From Small Places: Toward The Realization of Literacy as a Human Right. John and Jo-Anne provide consulting services to school districts and nonprofits. They wrote the Hasbro Summer Nature Curriculum which is used in dozens of locations in Massachusetts. They revised the Connecticut River Watershed Curriculum.

SESSION 3: Saturday Oct 14, 2017
2:30pm - 3:15pm

Nancy Remkus • Music for Teaching • Masterclass

Nancy will share songs, dances and rhythm instrument activities that she has used over the years in the elementary classroom. Songs for learning, for transitions and many just for fun.

Nancy Remkus

Nancy Remkus taught high school and elementary school special education, elementary ed., kindergarten, second grade, fifth grade, general music, choral music and guitar at Sag Harbor Elementary school and was one of the founders of the very popular Morning Program in which each day of the school year starts together with singing and community and character development. Nancy is also an ordained interfaith minister who has worked as a supply minister for local churches and meetinghouses providing inspirational talks and services and currently writes a weekly column for the Sag Harbor Express.

Devin Walker • Performance & Business • Masterclass

Join Uncle Devin as he shares the ABCs of bringing a project from concept to completion. He’ll go over the steps in the process from the idea to the production of the book/Cd, the GoFundMe Campaign, and the ongoing marketing. Along the way he’ll share lessons learned and tips for success.

Devin Walker

The Uncle Devin Show™ is a live, interactive musical experience for children by renowned drummer Devin Walker. The show cultivates the minds of children through percussion instruments and is a dynamic cross between Fat Albert and Schoolhouse Rock.

Alastair Moock • Using Our Music for a Better World • Open Forum

In this format, I will begin with a presentation about our journey – with cancer and with this particular project: how and why my daughter and I wrote the songs, where we began to perform them, how people responded to the album, and how we continue to reach patient families. I would sing some of the songs, show a video we made (, and discuss my perspective on the healing power of music for young people.

I would then open the floor to a discussion of how best to create “issue” albums and projects and, more broadly, how we – as musicians, educators, and organizers – can use our art to advocate effectively. Below are some questions I would throw out to the group to spark discussion…

Alistair Moock

Nearly twenty years into his performing career, Alastair Moock has managed to carve out a unique niche for himself: He is a songwriter committed to celebrating the roots of American music while knocking down the walls between different audiences, genres and musical traditions. Today,his audiences range from adults to preschoolers, and he plays everything from theaters to nightclubs to schoolrooms. Like his boyhood hero, Woody Guthrie, Moock believes in the power of music to reach all people – young and old, far and wide.

Sarah Pirtle & Bonnie Lockhart • Song Swap

What songs—old, new, revised—are feeling important to you right now? How are you using them to amplify our CMN values: encouraging cooperation, celebrating diversity, building self-esteem, promoting respect and responsibility for our environment, and cultivating an understanding of nonviolence and social justice? Come and share songs and questions about how the positive power of our music can support, heal and empower children and families.

Bonnie Lockhart

Bonnie Lockhart is a Northern California singer/songwriter who brings a love of diverse folk traditions to her forty-five -year practice of participatory, community-building music. She is a performer, composer, educator, recording artist, and activist who believes in the transformative power of music in the lives of individuals and communities. She is a past CMN board president, and a current avid member.

Sarah Pirtle

Sarah Pirtle, MEd, has five books for teachers including Better Together and Linking Up that come with CDs of 40 songs. She received the Magic Penny Award in 2007, and was one of the central founders of CMN.

SESSION 4: Sunday Oct 15, 2017
9:00am - 10:15am

Mara Shevin • Music for Teaching • Participatory

Let Your Yoga Dance is described as a joy-filled combination of breathing, yoga, and accessible dance done to music from around the world. LYYD is based on the seven energy centers (chakras) and this version—especially designed for children and teens—will feature children’s and world music, including music from CMN members—as the basis for dancing and movement. We will use most of our time to actually dance and move (and only a little to talk about what we’ve done). You will leave the workshop with ideas for including music and movement in your work with young ones. This workshop is open to ALL, regardless of age, size, dance ability or dis/ability. Come and play and dance—leave filled with joy and connection.

Mara Shevin

Mara Sapon-Shevin is a Professor of Inclusive Education at Syracuse University. She uses music and movement to build communities of inclusion and joy, and to model socially-just possibilities for all people. Mara is a certified Let Your Yoga Dance teacher who has recently completed additional training to extend her certification to working with children and teens.

Jackson Gillman • Performance & Business • Masterclass

Many performers like to incorporate singing in their presentations. Jackson will share approaches to doing this artistically and responsibly in this sign-along workshop.

Jackson Gillman

Jackson Gillman has been pitched many curves in his varied performing career as the Stand-up Chameleon for 30-odd years (with an emphasis on the odd). He's been hit by some, struck out at others, walked, fouled, deftly slammed some back, but is always learning.

Jay Sand • Using Our Music for a Better World • Open Classroom

All Around This World is a global music and world cultures program for little kids (infants to 9 years old) and their families. In classes kids explore the world by enjoying global music, rhythms and movement. Jay Sand – music teacher, world traveler and dad of three girls – developed All Around This World with his kids as a way to introduce them to the countries he’s already visited and the many more he plans to visit with them.

Today's workshop will be full of singing, dancing, teachers' wisdom and FUN. Interspersed with singable songs in a half dozen languages Jay will introduce the complex concept of sharing many cultures with little kids, touch on some of the issues and adventures he has had making family-friendly multicultural music and give practical hands-on tips for teaching kids about the world.

Jay Sand

Jay Sand, guitarist and children’s music teacher, dad of three girls (7-12 years old) and world traveler (much more so before he became the dad of three girls), held his first All Around This World classes in 2009 in his West Philadelphia living room. Since then Jay has taught over a thousand multicultural music classes to kids of all ages, designed diverse cultural curriculum for preschool and elementary students in homeschool and traditional school environments and taught and performed global music for families around the U.S.

Amy Conley • Song Swap

Children face many issues these days-- gender identity, abuse, poverty, racism, sexism, bullying and more. Share songs that help children stand strong for themselves or for others, songs about saying no to bullying or drugs, protecting friends, feeling empowered in their own gender identity, creating change, accepting diversity, etc. We are all unique and children need courage to protect and celebrate their uniqueness.

Amy Conley

Amy Conley has been a performer and teacher of music since 1986 all over MA and NH. She works with children and adults of all ages. Amy believes that music has healing powers for our personal lives and in society. She is a longtime member of CMN and the folk music communities of NH and MA. Her three CD’s contain songs about nature, love and playfulness.

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