Award Recipients

The Magic Penny Award, named after the song by Malvina Reynolds, is a Children's Music Network tribute to people in our community who have dedicated their lives to empowering children through music. In October 1999 the first award was given posthumously to Malvina herself, through her daughter, Nancy Schimmel.

Each year the Magic Penny Award program is a highlight of the CMN International Conference. The tribute program features songs written by or used by the recipient, informative appreciations of the recipient's work, and of course the presentation of the award itself.


Photo Credits: Maile Beamer Loo/Hula Preservation Society (Nona Beamer), Ann Morse (Bob Blue),
Robin Carson (Woddy Guthrie), Janice Buckner (Marcia Berman), Eleanor M. Lawrence (Malvina Reynolds), Ramiro Fauve (Suni Paz)