Magic Penny Award

2005: Ruth Crawford Seeger

CMN honors our mentors in the field of Children's Music through the Magic Penny Award, named after the song by Malvina Reynolds. Some of these mentors are with us today and others have passed on, but the reverberations of their music are still shaping what our children sing.

In 2005, we honored the work of Ruth Crawford Seeger, whose books of children's folk songs and suggestions for their effective use in the classroom are still classics in schools, libraries and music programs across the country. She was also a gifted composer of serious orchestral and chamber music as well as the wife of renowned musicologist Charles Seeger, mother of Mike and Peggy Seeger, and stepmother of Pete Seeger.

Photo: Peggy Seeger recieves mp-photosPhoto: 2007 Magic Penny mp-photosmp-photos by Bob Gronko

Shortly after the 2005 National Conference, Anna Stange and Alvin McGovern presented the award to
Peggy Seeger, who accepted it on her mother's behalf.

Award Designer: Sally Rogers – Pomfret, Connecticut